Persuasive Interview is headed by Ramon Santillan. With 10 years of experience in the corporate world and as a partner at a boutique tax service, he has been on both sides of the interviewing table and knows what employers look for in a candidate and what candidates can do to become employees.

Job interviews don’t pay the bills. Job offers do!

After hearing from friends and colleagues about their frustrations in the hiring process and how perfectly qualified candidates were being rejected, Ramon focused on learning the best way to turn a job interview into a job offer. His research led him to teach subtle social triggers that help you stand head and shoulders above the competition. Even more interesting, he discovered that using persuasive techniques anyone could learn, job seekers could increase their starting salary and benefits when it came time to negotiating. This isn’t voodoo. It’s the science of interviewing.

Some people think getting a job is a matter of luck and chance. But the majority knows that preparation is what makes the difference. Persuasive Interview is aimed at the individual who wants a better job, a higher salary, and to move up the corporate ladder.

Ramon Santillán

Ramon Santillán // Interview Consultant, Hiring Expert, and Social Researcher

Ramon is an accountant by trade and an entrepreneur at heart. His passion is understanding how people think and how to align that to our everyday goals: getting a job, finding a mate, living life. His approach to interview preparation goes beyond the typical “arrive early and have a firm handshake” mantra and instead focuses on the science behind it all. He has been quoted multiple times in many national and international publications such as CBS, Yahoo! Education, US News & World Report,, Chicago Tribune, The Sydney Morning Herald and many others as an expert on interviewing techniques. If you want to get his attention, talk about the latest thing you've read. He lives in Houston, Tx with his wife and daughter (plus a son on the way). You can read about his bold approach to interviewing on his blog at .