Get the Job you Want - Accelerating Your Career Through Science

Accelerating Your Career Through Science

Don’t leave the success of your next job interview to luck!

One-on-One interview coaching is the single most effective way to build your confidence, learn how to showcase your abilities, and get you a job offer.

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Résumé Writing

Custom Résumés Get You Hired!

An expertly written résumé is the first step to getting the job you want. From font to keywords, there are secret cues that will help you get noticed. Find out more by Clicking below!

One-on-One Training Sessions

Turn Job Interviews Into Job Offers!

Custom-designed training sessions with face-to-face real-time feedback will make you the top candidate at any job. Learn how to boost your confidence and increase your chances of getting a job.  Click below for more info! In Person and Skype Coaching Available

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Speak personally with me to determine if one of our programs is the right fit for you. Find out why!

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Why Persuasive Interview will help you get the job you want.
Let’s be honest: You are probably just leaving your job search to luck. You semi-proofread your résumé, you glanced at the hiring company’s website the night before the interview, and maybe you even thought of a couple of canned answers for the typical interview questions. Chances are, you won’t do well in the interview. Now think about all those people that have great jobs, great pay, and great lives. The difference between all those people and you is that they invested in themselves. They didn’t leave things to chance or luck. They prepared themselves for the interview process and got the job they wanted.
We will teach you how to be persuasive
A job interview is your opportunity to show the hiring manager that you are the best candidate available. The experts at Persuasive Interview have done the research, have read the books, and have been the boots on the ground as hiring managers and know what employers look for when hiring. We also know the psychological triggers that can help you get the job offer you want. We will teach you how to “sell” your skills and knowledge without being sleazy or deceitful. You will learn how to position yourself to have the upper hand and we will teach you how to negotiate the salary you want and deserve. Preparing yourself will get you the job you want.
Turn Job Interviews into Job Offers
You may say, “ I don’t need help. I have no trouble getting job interviews.” Fair enough, but do you get the job? Doing well on an interview is not the same as getting a job offer. Your goal when job-searching is to get a job offer and not to rack up interviews. Job interviews take up time. Job offers pay bills. Get the job you want.
How do I get the job I want?
I will personally work with you and create a tailored training program to help you get the job you want. Whether it is improving your résumé or helping you negotiate your salary, I will break down psychological research and business case studies into simple, actionable steps that can help you become a more persuasive job-candidate and get the job you want

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